The real Real Madrid, please

May I have your attention, please?
May I have your attention, please?
Will the real Real Madrid please stand up?
I repeat, will the real Real Madrid please stand up?
We’re gonna have a problem here. Continue reading “The real Real Madrid, please”


Half gone, half left

Against all odds, the first weekend at home with my newborn led me to watch more football than any other weekend in recent memory. Rather than demanding food with all the might of his lungs or sleeping with no rhyme or reason 24*7, as one would expect, my beloved Lucas prefers to keep us awake at night, but during the day he eats and sleeps regularly. Given that it’s not advisable to leave the house with such a small creature in the current weather, I ended up watching more than half of this LaLiga set of fixtures with the tiny 10-day old on my lap, which is a pretty cool thing to do if you ask me. Continue reading “Half gone, half left”

The two Messis

Preview of LaLiga’s 16th week

Yes, we did attend the Libertadores final at the Santiago Bernabeu, and our team won. The match started off on the wrong foot, with plenty of mistakes as both teams felt the pressure of those weeks of anticipation, but ended up in dramatic fashion, as one would expect of such a convoluted final. After all the doubts about watching it at home or going to the stadium, the risk was well worth it. It was a memorable night. Continue reading “The two Messis”

El Clásico at Home

Preview of LaLiga’s 15th week

Feel my pain: it’s very hard to write this column while I’ve got two tickets for River vs Boca at the Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday next to my laptop and an eight-month pregnant wife who roots for River dying to go to the match. Of course, we’re totally aware that it does not make any sense to get anywhere close to the stadium, and yet… Continue reading “El Clásico at Home”

The Long Read: The Rise and Fall of La Quinta del Buitre in Five Matches

It would not be stretching a point to say that the ‘Quinta del Buitre’ of the late eighties changed the face of Spanish football, planting the seeds of what was to come in the following decades. After a long spell in which hard work, courage and fighting spirit had become the arguably limited values of Spain’s approach to the beautiful game, four kids from Madrid and one from Huelva brought flair to the table, played as though no goal difference was big enough, won European competitions after years of drought and made many believe that the “Furia Española” tag had indeed become obsolete. Heck, even Pep Guardiola states that the Quinta was Real Madrid’s best version ever. Continue reading “The Long Read: The Rise and Fall of La Quinta del Buitre in Five Matches”

Barcelona, Atleti, Madrid and… Alavés?

Review of LaLiga’s 14th week

Granted, if above all things you’re a Real Madrid fan or an Atletico supporter, or even a Barcelona one, you’re probably not thinking much of this LaLiga season so far. But if you enjoy the game as much as your team or if you support any of the other 17 clubs, these first three months have been a gift from the gods. It’s not only the fact that only five points separate the top five teams, but especially that feeling of unease when Real Madrid, Barcelona or Atletico play and you can’t really bet the house on them because they’ve only won 21 of their 42 matches so far. Continue reading “Barcelona, Atleti, Madrid and… Alavés?”

Biases and Soft Spots

Preview of LaLiga’s 13th week

Two weeks ago, this scribe wrote “If Betis can take the ball away from Barcelona and get a result at the Camp Nou, I’ll believe in Setien”. Well, I’ll now have to believe in the wizard from Santander, leaving aside my obvious reluctance for his patronizing way of describing how the other teams play and his habit of throwing his own players under the bus after a poor performance. Wait, did I just write that? Continue reading “Biases and Soft Spots”