Football, always a priority

Preview of La Liga’s final weekend

Last Sunday, I decided to go out for dinner. The football menu was a meaningless Levante – Barcelona, in which neither team had anything to play for, so it seemed the right Sunday to dine out. Continue reading “Football, always a priority”

Tebas roots for Olympique

Preview of La Liga’s 37 week

Given that, except for Sevilla, no one really cares about these last two weeks of competition, La Liga could at least make their best effort not to become a nuisance for its participants. It’s nobody’s fault that the season ended prematurely because of the huge gap between the best team and the rest, and between the worst trio and the rest. But surely, La Liga should want their teams to do well in European competitions, right? Continue reading “Tebas roots for Olympique”

Derbies and Clásico

Preview of La Liga’s 36th week

There’s pretty much nothing left to play for in La Liga. The winner, the Champions League spots, the Europa League spots and the relegated sides won’t change much from now until the end of the season. But there’s more than rankings in football, right? Pride, bragging rights, TV money… Continue reading “Derbies and Clásico”

Barcelona win La Liga… and lose Iniesta

Preview of La Liga’s 35th week

I know well I’m the Latin half of this blog, and therefore I should defend logic such as “The ref must adapt his decisions to the moment of match, the behavior of the teams and the specific players” or “That team deserved to get to extra time, so why blowing the whistle for that late, late penalty against them”, or even “How can you show two yellows to the same player in the first nine minutes of a match?”. Continue reading “Barcelona win La Liga… and lose Iniesta”

Copa del Rey weekend

Preview of La Liga’s 34th week plus the Copa del Rey final

Strange set of fixtures this weekend, influenced by the Copa del Rey final on Saturday evening. Barcelona and Sevilla will play for the cup title at the Wanda, while the remaining teams try to get on with their lives in La Liga.

In this edition of the Quiniela, we’ll take a look at the eight La Liga matches to be played this weekend, and we’ll also analyse the, at least on paper, easy to predict Copa del Rey final.

Shall we? Remember, it’s ‘1’ for a home win, ‘X’ for a draw and ‘2’ for an away win. Continue reading “Copa del Rey weekend”


Preview of La Liga’s 32nd week

The Spanish phrase at the head of this week’s ‘quiniela’ refers to those moments in any culture when you want things doing quickly, cleanly, and without much fuss.  Well that’s exactly what I’m going to do now, because I have to pack my bags and fly to Moscow unfeasibly soon, and unlike you lucky folks, miss most of the Spanish games over the weekend, although I might try to sneak in match number 4 below, if my hotel wi-fi does the business.  We shall see. Continue reading “Pim-Pam-Pum”

Put up your hands!

Preview of La Liga’s 31st week

You have to hand it to my partner-in-crime Ed Alvarez, in the sense that there was no stopping his flow over the Easter break, even as he sat contemplating whatever one sits and contemplates on Ipanema beach.  On the other hand, I miserably failed to contribute from the wilds of the Highlands and islands of Scotland, which I visited not to gaze on beach things and thongs but rather to take my injured footballer-of-a-son back to Stirling on post-operation crutches, and then drive North to see a bit of the snowy and savage landscape that is still so wonderful up there.

Ruined ancient goal (East stand) on the Scottish island of Iona

Continue reading “Put up your hands!”